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My Story

I’m Jo and I live in the South East of the UK. I worked as an IT Project Manager for more than 18 years and I loved the fast pace of life; the international travel, the social aspect and the networking. When I became a mother almost three years ago, I learnt what passion was really about! It’s been the hardest yet most rewarding job I’ve ever done and I can definitely draw some parallels between working with a baby/toddler day-to-day and working with some of my clients in the past!

A couple of years ago my husband was offered a job opportunity abroad, we moved  with our 10-month-old daughter for the chance of an adventure for a few years. Having a baby naturally brought new things into my life by way of products I needed to buy. I instantly fell in love with baby clothing and quickly noticed that I had to choose quality over quantity owing to the number of times it went through the washing machine!

Then, like the rest of the world, COVID hit. Setting up a business during COVID was a massive gamble, especially in a country I couldn’t speak the language & didn’t have a network, but it felt like 2020 was the year to jump into new things. In that spirit, and armed with the retail intel I'd gathered, The Little Wardrobe Company was born.

I had so many plans for The Little Wardrobe Company in 2021 however life didn’t work out the way we planned;  and instead blessed us another beautiful baby girl & a return to the UK. The Little Wardrobe's journey continues..... look out for news to learn more of what's coming in 2022!